5 Simple Ways Managers Can Promote Mental Health

Part of maintaining a healthy work environment is promote workplace mental health and supporting employee mental health. Stress, fatigue, interpersonal conflicts, and unmanageable workload are only a few of the many burdens that need managing.

The truth about mental health-friendly workplaces is that it’s not as elaborate as you think it is. In fact, you might already have good practices in place! A few tweaks here and there may be necessary, but once you know the basics, you’re well on your way to improving the way you approach employees’ mental wellness.

Here are 5 ways to Promote Workplace Mental Health.

A simple disposition checks. Use a small portion of your week to stop by your employees’ workstation to check on their status. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. In order to support employee mental health, you can go as simple as asking how their day is going, what tasks they’re having a hard time with, or what assistance you can offer them to better their experience. If you can’t squeeze this into your busy schedule, huddles or stand-up meetings are also good avenues to check in on your team.

Have an open-door policy. An open-door policy is a practice where managers and supervisors leave their doors open to encourage employees to express thoughts and feelings about workplace issues, tasks, or policies. It is aimed at establishing a culture of openness and transparency, as well as, providing a safe space for workers’ sentiments.

Be clear about the goals you set. Wherever there is uncertainty, there is anxiety. Goal-setting is one effective way to reduce these worries because employees are aware of the direction they’re heading. It serves as motivation as employees see how their efforts are linked to the results. With it, they can track their progress, evaluate the consistency of their work, and have a high sense of appreciation for what they do.

Manage expectations. Be more realistic with your expectations. We understand that you want to bring out the best in people. However, that can only be possible when you include workload, time, and skills in the picture. How tedious will the tasks be? Will there be enough time to carry out these tasks? Are your employees trained enough to do it? Overwhelmed employees are less likely to meet your expectations. If they do, their mental health must have taken a plunge in the process.

Train them. One possible reason for employees’ mental health problems is low self-esteem. They might not feel like they’re good enough for the job they are in, causing them to perform below their actual capabilities. Your encouraging words may help, but it can only do so much. Employees must see their skilfulness for themselves to correct their view of who they are. The best way to help them realise this is through certifications, training, and workshops!

WHS & Training Compliance Solutions promotes workplace mental health. We are specialised in training workplaces that sees mental health on equal grounds as physical health, and promotes mental health.

We know that not all burdens are seen. That’s why we are dedicated to helping organisations acquire the right knowledge and skills to maintain a mentally healthy workplace.

Ultimately, we address workplace issues like fatigue, demotivation, harassment, bullying, and mental health crises, educating both leaders and employees to prevent unfavourable incidents before they even take place.

Mental Health First Aid Programs

We have e-learning programs as well.

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