Do you think owning pets can reduce stress?

When we are thinking of ways to reduce stress in our life, usually we are thinking about meditation, yoga, and journaling.

Did you know getting a new best friend can also be stress relieving? While our friends and family provide us great social support and, in this article, I will focus on the benefits of our furry friends. Our pets can provide excellent social support, stress relief- perhaps more than people!

Improve Our Mood

For those who love animals, it’s virtually impossible to stay in a bad mood when a pair of loving eyes meets yours, or when a super-soft cat rubs up against your hand. In addition to the social support, stress relief, and our furry friends elevates our mood.

Help with Social Support

When we’re out walking, our dogs make us approachable and give people a reason to stop and talk, help us to socialise and improves our network of friends and connections, which also have a great stress management benefits.

Provide Unconditional Love

Pets can offer love and companionship, and can also enjoy comfortable silences, keep secrets and are excellent with cuddles. And they could be the best solution to our loneliness. All these benefits can reduce the amount of stress people experience in response to feelings of social loneliness and lack of social support from friends, family or others.

Question is-Why do you think; pets can really reduce stress?

My response for this question is sometimes More Than People
We all know the power of talking about your problems with a good friend who’s also a good listener, spending time with a pet may be even better! This is due to the fact that our furry friends don’t judge us; they just love us.

Having a furry best friend can reduce stress in your life and bring you support when times get tough.

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