Emotional Intelligence Training Solutions and Benefits

Emotional intelligence training solutions and benefits, WHS training and mental health

There has been a long-standing debate about the true definition of intelligence. Some people would say that there are different kinds of intelligence and every individual is cut out for different inclinations. Certain theorists would argue that there is only one all-encompassing intelligence factor that sums up all the person’s specific abilities— verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning included. While these are being studied to predict success, little is known about the kind of intelligence that produces interpersonal fulfillment in addition to success. It is called emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the person’s capacity to manage and communicate their emotion according to the demands of their environment. It can also be described as an individual’s ability to recognize others’ emotions and respond with utmost empathy. Individuals high in emotional intelligence express their emotions at the right time and place. They use emotional information to reason and seek alternative solutions to problems.

Problems brought by poor emotional intelligence

Conversely, people with low emotional intelligence suffer from conflict and stress brought by social friction. They often experience…

  • Heated arguments with people of opposing views
  • Inability to recognize their own emotions and cope with problems in a healthy way
  • Problems relating to others due to a deficiency in recognizing their feelings
  • Difficulty with non-verbal communication
  • Trouble taking the blame for their mistakes
  • Struggles keeping their emotions together
  • Weak relationships with others

Low emotional intelligence is not automatically a lost cause! It’s possible to improve an individual’s emotional and interpersonal skills through emotional intelligence training.

Benefits of emotional intelligence training

Emotional intelligence training includes practical knowledge and skills on self-regulation, empathy, and social interaction. It helps the individual understand the dynamics of their emotions and gain control over its intensity, such as that it results in something productive instead of destructive. If the trainee is willing to actively make changes in their emotional language, then it should be an easy feat. It’s especially worth the shot knowing that the training bears lasting benefits like such as:

  • Better team building and cooperation
  • Greater emotional flexibility in times of stress
  • Improved communication skills in both verbal and non-verbal aspects
  • Enhanced sensitivity to context, facial expressions, and body language
  • Adaptability to change
  • Stronger relationships with other people
  • Composure and calmness during anxiety-inducing situations

Truly, it is not enough to be smart. You also need to be an easy and empathetic companion. We all course through life with a desire for success but whether we admit it or not, it helps to have smooth interpersonal relationships.

Make some room for emotional skills improvement. Book a mental health course with us at WHS & Training Compliance Solutions. As work health and safety advocates, we believe that mental health is just as necessary to the strength of an employee as physical health. Thus, we aim to provide comprehensive mental health workshops in as many business establishments in Queensland as possible.

For inquiries, give us a call at 07 5499 2406.

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