How do you create a peaceful and relaxed home that you can reduce anxiety?

There are many purposes for which your home is used. It’s your resting place, your frequently visited restaurant, your gathering space, your office, and even homeschool! The problem is, we don’t really take advantage of the chance to design spaces in our homes that feel truly calm, sacred, and set up for self-care. It is important for your home to be more than just functional. Surely it should be a sanctuary as well! In spite of the fact that the outside world is stressful and challenging, we still have to deal with it. When you’re at home, you should feel completely safe and relaxed.
A sanctuary is not something that can be converted into the entire house, but certain areas or rooms can certainly be made into one.

A sanctuary is what it sounds like, right?

In general, a sanctuary is a place that offers protection or refuge to its visitors. You’ve probably heard it about places of worship, where people can find comfort in their faith. Animals and plants are protected in wildlife sanctuaries, too.
Taking that into consideration, let’s consider what a home sanctuary might look like. There are many places in the home that can be used as sanctuaries for peace and self care. In order to decompress and reconnect with yourself at home, your peaceful sanctuary should be set up in a way that facilitates these activities. Having a sanctuary space where you can practice mindfulness and do other mental, emotional, and spiritual things should be comfortable.

Home sanctuary spaces will vary depending on how each individual feels at peace, since everyone needs a slightly different environment. The most important characteristics of a home sanctuary are: it should be quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing. However, there are no rules at all! Whatever the look or location of your home sanctuary, it should reflect your specific needs and desires.

How do you create a peaceful and relaxed home that you can reduce anxiety?

Personal space is very important to all of us. It is a place where we bliss, meditate, detach, relax, treat ourselves well, and do our best thinking. It is also where we work, study, create, and get in touch with ourselves. So, how can you reduce anxiety at home?

You can reduce anxiety at home by creating a calming, healthy, and relaxing space that’s easy to reduce anxiety. How often do you really have a space for yourself that makes you feel comfortable even when you’re going through a stressful week? I’ve found the most valuable place to create a calming space is in my own home.

Why use your Home to reduce anxiety?

I find out that I tend to look away from my immediate vicinity for comfort when feeling anxious, whether this means going for a drive, time out at home, watching a movie or finding a store to go to. How do you create a peaceful and relaxed place that you can reduce anxiety?

It is beneficial to find a space in your home that reduce anxiety. It might be challenging due to the kids, neighbours, or housework.  Quite often our homes become sources of distress and exhaustion rather than a sanctuary. But when you think about it, what space can serve you better than your own home?

You go to our home every day and have control over its contents. This could be the pets, furniture, design, and plants.  You know what to expect when you’re at home, this makes you home an ideal place to a relax.  But how can you develop such a space, that can remove the distractions and challenges?

Create yourself a location within your home that can be used to renew and revive yourself. This spot can be used in isolation for at least five minutes, and that you can have a natural affinity to or comfort with.

  • Take control of and own your spot, and take ownership of your own spot. Tell your anxiety, when you are in your spot, you can relax with yourself.
  • Keep using your spot. If you never go to your relaxing space, it won’t become a source of transformation for you. Use your spot regularly to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Protect your spot from meddling negative thoughts and even other people, you should also protect it from activities that you know are not relaxing for you.

Everyone has spaces they go to for relaxation, can be a challenge but creating refreshing spots in your homes, can help you to reduce the anxiety that you encounter in your life.


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