• How Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance Can Increase Your Productivity

    work life, balance of work, life balance life
    February, 2022

    How Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance Can Increase Your Productivity

    work life, balance of work, life balance life

    The recent era of global competition, international trade and the advancing technologies sometimes makes it difficult for workers to maintain balance between their workplace, time at home and their wellbeing. Times are busy, people are very busy, and achieving perfect employment and decent time off with family seems to be a dream come true.

    One might look at the balance of work life as a means of maintaining an equal number of hours between work and play but the solution is not as simple as it seems.

    Having a balanced work ethic is not just about getting to and from work on time. In a broader sense, it is about putting things meticulously in their lives.

    Setting priorities helps one to save time and energy. So, allowing them to put the perfect balance between their work and personal health.

    Speaking of its impact, the working life balance is important for employees, but it also affects the organisation, and this influences their performance and behaviour at work.

    In addition, employees who enjoy a great balance of work life can become facilitators of their organisations. This sets a good reason for businesses to redefine their corporate culture to promote a working life balance.

    Below are the measures that organisations can take to make work life balance among employees.

    1. Taking Break Time between Work:

    Taking a break between work helps to deal with stress. The human body is not designed to survive long hours on the road. Physical activity such as walking slowly or desk exercise can be really helpful here. Such short breaks will help you to recover from fatigue and improve your work speed.

    1. Volunteer Time:

    Volunteering is a great way to stay in touch with people and build relationships. Inspiring employees to volunteer for community assistance may assist them to reduce stress and commit themselves to the community.

    In addition, this also helps to enhance the company’s Commitment efforts. Therefore, to gain the favour of the organisation and its employees.

    1. Proper Planning:

    Scheduling daily activities at work is another way to maintain a healthy balance between work and playtime. It helps people to prioritise their actions following the importance of a particular task.

    In addition, sticking to a well-planned schedule helps save a lot of time at work. So, allowing and supporting them to focus on other things besides work won’t take them for granted.

    1. Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle:

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a major role in an employee’s quest for a healthy workplace balance. Healthy workers are like jewels in the crown of every organisation. The unhealthy working balance disrupts the physical and mental health of employees. Considering this fact, it greatly impedes their productivity. Encouraging employees to live a healthy lifestyle eliminates various health risks.

    Just as physical well-being helps a person to stay strong, a stress-free mind is a room full of clarity. This helps employees to succeed in their careers and in their lives. A healthy lifestyle is a good stress management solution and helps employees cope with stress smoothly.

    1. Promoting Family Get-together:

    Family Get together and annual functions can give an opportunity to the family members’ families to be accustomed to the place of work making them more aware about the work environment so as to be practical about getting new suggestions to maintain work life balance.

    1. Flexible Work Schedule

    Maintaining a good balance between work and life is not possible if there is no personal time left after leaving work. In such a case, having a flexible work schedule is essential. Adaptation to working hours helps employees to be equally focused on their personal and social life as their job.

    In addition, such a system can have a positive effect on a person’s performance at work. Also, it serves as an alternative to stress management.

    1. Time Management

    Time management is a very important factor when it comes to having the right balance in life. Employees should be trained on how to ensure time management so as to manage hours between work and personal life.

    1. Encourage Recreation

    Each of us has our own interests such as reading, drawing, photography, dancing, collecting old stamps and more. It is about giving importance to what one likes to do on a personal level.

    1. Encourage Physical Exercise

    Physical exercise and training at least once a week or whenever necessary may help to eliminate toxins from everyday stress at work. Working from home with loved ones or doing workout at home can have a positive impact on the mind of the worker.

    When employees have such benefits, it creates a greater sense of gratitude in their minds for their employers. It also makes them representatives of your organisation. Therefore, to give impetus to a good working relationship with the employer.

    1. Paid Vacation Time

    In modern times, vacations are no longer a luxury. Instead it is a great need. It is time for employers to realise that retirement has become an integral part of today’s work culture. Allowing employees to take long breaks without giving up their salaries is very effective. Employees feel refreshed and relaxed after returning to work, producing a better product.

    Maintaining Work-Life Balance is an important topic that neither employer nor employee should choose to ignore.

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