5 Striking Reasons Why We Should Balance Work and Home Life

Work-life balance is the state of balance where a person equally prioritises the demands of career & the demands of home.

Work-life balance is the state of balance where a person equally prioritises the demands of career and the demands of home. Some of the common causes of poor work-life balance include:

  • Increased accountabilities at workplace
  • Working overtime
  • Increased responsibilities at home life
  • Having young children

In today’s age of the rat race, we often find it extremely difficult to balance our life at work in addition to home. Globalisation, increase in competition, global crisis, pandemic, the rising cost of living contribute to making one’s life miserable if they fail to balance their life at work and/or home.

Work plays an important factor in shaping one’s career, competency, social identity. It provides finance to have an access to several essential and non-essential goods or services, and all other social activities. Without work, it is difficult to maintain our needs, livelihood, and our family.

Work is very important to support the cost of living. However, home life is equally important for health, wellbeing and happiness.

Our home and family are at the centre of our life, which is a central hub. It creates, builds and shapes home life, feelings, emotions, joy, and loving experiences. Whether as a child or as an adult, our home and family are of utmost importance to us. Home-life determines how we make our life decisions, as it helps in raising our awareness level, attitude, self-esteem, and personality. Healthy and happy home life is certainly a vital element in one’s endeavour to live a meaningful life.

Below are the main reasons why we should balance work and home life:

  1. To maintain mental health

It is a fact that not all employers place the importance on mental health and wellbeing of their employees. However, promoting and maintaining the mental health of employees can lead to increased productivity. Nevertheless, employees should be aware that mental health is as equally important as physical health and both these aspects are interdependent. Mental health illness can lead to reduced activity and can even lead to a variety of serious health disorders. Some of the examples are Eczema, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Hypertension, and many other illnesses.

We can maintain good mental health when we dedicate time to relax and most importantly spending quality time with family. We should ensure to put efforts to maintain mental health. This can be achieved only by maintaining the balance between work and home life.

  1. To maintain Physical Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining physical health is a key to longevity and a happy and healthy life. Finding time to do physical exercise like walking, jogging, working out at gymnasium or home, yoga and meditation, improves health and wellbeing. The motto ‘Health is Wealth’ one should balance work and home life so that his physical health and well-being are at the best level.

  1. To increase Productivity at work

Researchers have proved that productivity at work enhances whenever a worker is at ease and when in good mental and physical health. This should be every human being’s endeavour to spend quality time for the self and with family by maintaining the balance between work and home life.

  1. To become a social individual

When we find time to be away from home to be in social life, traveling, we can interact with various people. This can also be involvement in group activities and hobbies. It can lead one to acquire a variety of skills that can be helpful at work.

  1. Life is very short

Life expectancy is very short. Therefore, the time spent is irreversible.  Moments spent with a newborn, infant, or child, happy moments spent with family at beaches, parks, nature will have lifelong memories and keep someone happy at all time. If we are unable to spend time for these moments, we will regret it forever. Remember we cannot reverse time.

Hence finding time away from work and at the same time maintaining work-home life balance can remain in pace with your life.

Work and home life, both are equally important for human beings and with meticulous planning and monitoring we can certainly maintain the balance between them leading to happiness, health and prosperity.

A good work-life balance has several positive effects, together with less stress, a lower risk of exhaustion and a greater sense of well-being. Employers who are dedicated to support work-life balance for their employees can save on costs, decrease absenteeism, and have a loyal and productive workforce. Employers that offer options like working from home or flexible work schedules can assist employees to have a better work-life balance.

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