• MHFA Brisbane North Expo

    July, 2019

    MHFA Brisbane North Expo

    WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, was in the small business expo. We have met fantastic small business owners. And received interest on MHFA Training.
    We talked about mental health awareness, stigma around mental health and how MHFA training can support our community, individuals and the workplaces.
    We all agreed that there is a stigma around Mental Health, and people who are going through difficult times quite often not aware of the help and support available for them. Also the families and friends, don’t know how to support the individuals who are going through difficult times.  I would highly recommend families, friends and the members of the community to attend this insightful MHFA training to learn how to support the loved ones till they receive professional help and how to start the conversation around mental health.

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