It is vital you review these terms and conditions as placement of an order constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, including the Privacy Policy below.

Terms and Conditions

All fees will be paid prior to the commencement of training unless prior arrangements are made with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.

Transfer, Cancellation & Refund Policy

 WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. will refund the full course fee if:

  • The course has been cancelled by WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. and the student elects not to reschedule
  • The student cancels up to seven (7) business days before course commencement.

WHS and Training Compliance Solution Pty Ltd. may retain 25% of the course fee if:

  • The student cancels within five (5) business days before course commencement

WHS and Training Compliance Solution Pty Ltd. may retain 100% of the course fee if:

  • The student cancels less than three (3) days before course commencement, or
  • The student does not attend the course without cancellation or
  • The student departs the course once they have commenced.

Payment Terms:

For participants enrolling individually (i.e. not part of a group booking on behalf of an employer), it is WHS and Training Compliance Solution Pty Ltd.’s policy to invoice and collect payment prior to commencement of the course.  Should any monies be outstanding, they will be collected on the day.

For group bookings, we will invoice the company/employer contact, standard invoicing terms are 14 days.

All inhouse trainings See below General Terms & Conditions of Engagement – Onsite Training

Supply of Course Prerequisites

Some courses have prerequisites that MUST be supplied prior to attending the course. This will be communicated on the website, in the booking confirmation, and on the phone if you call. In the event a prerequisite is not received by 5:00pm GMT+10 (Brisbane time) on the business day prior to the course, the enrolment will be cancelled and entry to the course will be refused. If this occurs, the course fee will not be refunded, nor held in credit.

Late Arrivals

Arriving late to a course affects the learning outcomes of all students. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. reserves the right to refuse entry to candidates who arrive late to a course.

Participant code of conduct & support

When you successfully enrol in a course with WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, Pty Ltd.  you agree to participate in relevant practical and theory-based learning and assessment activities associated with your course.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd training services in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. When attending a course at the premises of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd, or any other place where we are conducting training, or where you are known to be a participant of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, we ask that participants be courteous to each other, to our staff and to all people who you encounter in and around the venue.

Please consider and abide by these basic rules:

  • All participants must comply with all reasonable requests and requirements made by WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. and Training staff;
  • No participant should attend any class while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs (prescribed or otherwise);
  • Any form of discrimination, bullying, or harassment or any obscene, offensive or insulting language or behaviour will not be tolerated;
  • Disruptive behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated; and
  • Any breaking of any state or federal law (e.g. stealing, damaging property, assault etc.) will be reported to the relevant authority.

If a trainer/assessor or staff of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. is unhappy or dissatisfied with the behaviour or performance of a participant, the trainer/assessor or staff has the authority to:

  • Warn the participant that their behaviour is unsuitable or unacceptable;
  • Ask the participant to leave the training venue or immediately cancel the class; or
  • Cancel the participant’s enrolment in the course without refund or acceptance into another course.

If a participant wishes to express a complaint in relation to any disciplinary action taken, they have the opportunity to appeal to WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.  in writing via email

Staff of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. are expected to maintain a professional and ethical working relationship with their fellow staff, management and participants. Any breach of our disciplinary standards will be raised and the appropriate action will be taken.

Dress and appearance

During any practical training sessions, it is expected that all participants will be appropriately attired for the particular session. The industry has certain safety requirements that must be observed. If personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to participate in or complete a practical session, you will either be advised prior to the course or it will be provided for you.

It is not acceptable for participants to attend a public course or workshop wearing clothing that bears obscene, offensive or insulting images or wording.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule courses due to low enrolments or unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur a full refund and/or an opportunity to reschedule (without penalty) will be offered.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. reserves the right to change course fees, dates, content, trainers or method of presentation at its discretion.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

You acknowledge that the course you enrolled into contains content that is protected by copyright, trademark or our other proprietary rights. In addition, the course contains information, software and other content provided by third parties that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. We hereby grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the content, provided that you:

  • Only utilise the content for your own personal, non-commercial use
  • Do not modify, publish, transmit, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, or in any way exploit any of the content provided to you.
  • Code of conduct and public forum participation

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. provide the opportunity to communicate with fellow participants via discussion forums.

Participation in any forum is optional but encouraged. Participants should assume that all postings are available to the general public. If participants wish to keep any business information, ideas, concepts, or inventions private, do not submit them to the public forums. Participants are expected to follow appropriate and professional practices when posting messages and questions that help others further a conversation, or resolve an issue.

Strictly prohibited postings include, but are not limited to:

  • Messages that are malicious offensive or obscene (including profanity)
  • Messages that are defamatory or harassing
  • Messages that denigrate any participant or other person because of their race, religion, gender, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Proprietary, confidential, privileged or otherwise restricted information
  • Communications with competitors about prices or terms of service
  • Communications in violation of any laws
  • Messages that are irrelevant to the discussion
  • Provoking, distracting, or misleading messages
  • Messages posted under someone else’s name
  • Advertisements or self-promotions
  • Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or other personal information
  • Spam
  • We reserve the right to remove, reject, delete or edit any content we deem unacceptable without prior notice. You shall remain solely responsible for all content posted by you.


WHS and Training Compliance Solutions is, as are all other businesses and corporations registered within Australia, bound by Australian Consumer Law, which outlines the rights of a consumer to receive a refund on either a product or service. Whilst WHS and Training Compliance Solutions will issue refunds in accordance with Australian Consumer Law, however, please note that refunds will not be provided where you have:

  • changed your mind;
  • found it cheaper somewhere else;
  • decided you did not like the purchase; or,
  • have no use for it.

Refunds will only be provided by WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. where:

  • A person has been unable to complete their course due to the unavailability;
  • WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. has failed to maintain services.
  • Refunds will not be granted, for example, where a person’s personal internet connection becomes unavailable, personal IT hardware is unable to meet the minimum requirements, or corporate internet access blocks access to the WHS and Training Compliance Solutions services.

Terminating Event

Breaching any of these terms and conditions may trigger a terminating event. The outcome of a terminating event may include any or all of the following (depending on the circumstances):

  • A formal warning
  • Cancellation of enrolment without refund
  • Civil prosecution.
  • Where a breach triggers a terminating event, it is at the discretion of WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.

Participants’ rights and responsibilities


  • To be listened to
  • To be treated with respect
  • To learn unhindered by disruptive behaviour
  • To be given adequate information about course and trainer’s expectations
  • To be given adequate notice to prepare for assessments
  • To be provided with a reasonable level of adjustment made to assist your successful completion of the course if you have a disability.
  • To receive co-operation from other participants
  • To receive support from other participants in maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment
  • To have work assessed on merit alone
  • To receive timely and effective feedback
  • If under 18, that training be provided in an appropriately supervised environment at all times.


  • To provide a safe and supportive learning environment for fellow participants and trainers
  • To treat all participants and trainers with respect, regardless of gender, race, culture, sexuality, disability or age
  • To listen to others
  • To complete work in a timely manner
  • To recognise that people are not all the same – treating everybody the same is not necessarily fair
  • To co-operate with fellow participants and trainers
  • To use appropriate language and behaviour at all times and present themselves in a fit state to learn.
  • You are expected to behave appropriately during the training. Your trainer will reserve the right to speak with you and take action if your behaviour is disruptive to the training process.


All general participant course enquiries are to be directed to your trainer/assessor or assessor on the day of training. Additional support enquires are to be directed to:

Bullying and Harassment

We are required under Australian law to ensure that we provide a workplace and learning environment that is free from all forms of harassment and discrimination (including victimisation and bullying) so that our staff and participants feel valued, respected and are treated fairly.

We will ensure that all of our staff understand their roles and responsibilities in creating such a workplace and learning environment through a process of communication, mentoring, and by setting the expected behavioural example. All of our staff are aware of the processes and procedures for addressing any form of alleged harassment or discrimination.

By definition, harassment includes any form of behaviour that is unwanted, unwelcome or unreciprocated by relevant persons. This may manifest as verbal or physical harassment, but includes any acts that may be perceived as humiliating, offensive, intimidating, threatening, discriminatory or otherwise contributing to an unpleasant workplace or experience for the persons.

In the event that a person considers that they have been or is being harassed, this person should be encouraged to inform the other party that their behaviour is objectionable and should not be continued, provided they are comfortable with confronting the offender. In instances where the person is not comfortable discussing matters the offending party, a trainer/assessor or other WHS and Training Compliance Solutions staff member should be informed of the situation. In this case it becomes the responsibility of the relevant staff to follow WHS and Training Compliance Solutions policy and procedures to rectify the situation.


  • All staff and participants have a right to work and learn in an environment free from any form of harassment and discrimination.
  • All reports of harassment and discrimination are to be treated seriously, impartially and sensitively.
  • Harassment and discrimination (including victimising and bullying) is unwelcome, uninvited and unacceptable behaviour that will not be tolerated.
  • If any staff are informed of any harassment or discrimination, they have the responsibility to take immediate and appropriate action to address it.
  • In dealing with all complaints, the rights of all individuals will be respected and confidentiality maintained.
  • Whenever possible, all complaints will be resolved by a process of discussion, cooperation and conciliation.
  • Both the person making the complaint and the person against whom the complaint has been made, will receive information, support and assistance in resolving the issue.
  • Victimisation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. No person making a complaint, or assisting in the investigation of a complaint should be victimised.
  • Staff and participants should not make any frivolous or malicious complaints. All staff and participants are expected to participate in the complaint resolution in good faith.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. staff and participants should be aware of the following definitions:

Bullying: Unwelcome and offensive behaviour that intimidates and/or undermines a person or group. Bullying involves a persistent pattern of behaviour over a period of time and may include: verbal abuse; physical assault; unjustified criticism; sarcasm; insult; spreading false or malicious rumours about someone; isolating or ignoring a person; putting people under unnecessary pressure with overwork or impossible deadlines; and sabotaging someone’s work or their ability to do their job by not providing them with vital information and resources.

Confidentiality: Relates to privacy of information, ensuring that the information is only accessible to those who have the authority to access it. Within an WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.  this may refer to private verbal discussions, participant assessments, managerial decisions and legal proceedings.

Discrimination: Treating someone unfairly or unequally simply because they belong to a group or category of people. Equal opportunity laws prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibility, family status, race, religious beliefs, political conviction, gender, history, impairment, age or sexual orientation. Victimisation is also treated as another form of discrimination.

Harassment: Involves any behaviour intended to disturb, offend or upset. It may include any unwelcome or uninvited verbal or physical action that results in a person feeling intimidated, offended, humiliated or embarrassed. Equal opportunity laws prohibit harassment on the grounds of sex and race.

Racial harassment: Occurs when a person is threatened, abused, insulted, or taunted in relation to their race, descent or nationality, colour, language, ethnic region, or a racial characteristic. It may include: derogatory remarks; innuendo and slur; intolerance; mimicry or mockery; displays of material prejudicial to a particular race; racial jokes; allocating least favourable jobs; or singling out for unfair treatment.

Sexual harassment: Defined as verbal or physical conduct that is unwelcome and uninvited. It may include: kissing; embracing; patting; pinching; touching; leering or gestures; questions about a person’s private or sexual life; request for sexual favours; off colour jokes; phone calls, emails or messages of an inappropriate nature; offensive noises; or displays of sexually graphic or suggestive material.

Victimisation: Involves any process which results in the unfavourable treatment of a person on unjust terms. It may include but is not limited to; unfair punishment, treating a person poorly for their involvement in a complaint, to swindle or defraud a person, adverse changes to another’s work environment or denial of access to work related resources.


WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.’ s staff are expected to maintain a professional and ethical working relationship with all other staff members, management and participants. Breaches of the disciplinary standards will result in discussion between the relevant trainer/assessor and WHS and Training Compliance Solutions management and appropriate action will be taken.

In summary, WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. will provide:

  • Training programs and services that promote inclusion and are free from discrimination
  • Support services, training, assessment, and training materials to meet the needs of a variety of individual participants
  • Consideration of each individual’s needs to provide the best opportunity for skill development and attainment of qualifications that can lead to further training or employment
  • Opportunity for consultation between staff and participants, so that all aspects of individual circumstances can be taken into consideration when planning training programs
  • Consideration of the views of participants’ community, government agencies and organisations and industry when planning training programs Access to information and course materials in a readily available, easily understood format
  • Information to assist participants in planning their pathway from school or the community to vocational education and training.

Access and equity

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. is committed to practicing fairness and equal opportunity for all current and potential participants, regardless of sex, race, impairment or any other perceived difference in class or category.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. will address access and equity matters as a nominated part of operational duties.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions has developed policies and procedures to guide and inform all staff and participants in their obligations regarding access and equity. Upon induction in to WHS and Training Compliance Solutions, all staff are provided with copies of the policies which they must adhere to throughout all their operations as a WHS and Training Compliance Solutions member. Participants are made aware of the access and equity policy and be informed of their rights to receive access and equity support and to request further information.

All participants will have equal access to our training services irrespective of their gender, culture, linguistic background, race, socio-economic background, disability, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or carer’s responsibilities.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. staff and participants will be informed about:

  • Treating participants equitably and in accordance with relevant legislation and policies
  • The appropriate action to be taken if harassment or victimisation occurs
  • Complaint mechanisms available to a participant who is harassed or victimised because of their learning needs.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. (ABN 69649665538) is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. We will only collect and deal with your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and in particular, the Australian Privacy Principles.

Types of personal information we collect

We do not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for one or more of our functions or activities, and only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. We will collect personal information necessary to market and deliver our services and products, which may include the following:

Personal contact information – for example, your name and contact details such as your emailing and home addresses

Demographic information – any information that describes your demographic characteristics or your personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles such as your date of birth, gender and geographic location;

Account login information – including any username or passwords allocated by us or used by you to access our services and products;

Payment information – if you are a customer that is responsible for payments to us regarding our services and products, we may hold payment related information (including direct debit or credit card details);

Website usage information – for example we may hold information regarding your access to our website applications. This may include how you navigate whilst online our websites (i.e. date and time of your visit and interactions made with our website);

Consumer-generated information – for example, information that you enter and submit to us or third parties during your use of our services and products, either through our online website, hardcopy forms or through social media sites such as Facebook;

Social network platforms –information that you share as part of your profile on a social media website;

Technical computer information – any information about a computer system or other technological devices that you may be using to access one of our websites or applications; and

Government issued identifiers, such as Tax File Numbers and Australian Business Numbers (which are only used in accordance with the Privacy Act).

How we collect personal information

Generally we will collect this information directly from you but in some cases it will be collected through other forms, including the following:

Websites – this may include any WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.  or consumer-directed websites that we run on third party social network sites such as Facebook;

Social networking sites – personal information may be collected when you interact with social networking features such as “Facebook Connect” or “Facebook Like” when these features are integrated in our sites or applications;

Hardcopy forms – any training course enrolment forms. Booking forms, promotional, marketing or other general forms that you may fill in from time to time;

Consumer Services call centre – personal information may be collected via our call centre, for example, where you have provided us with feedback or called regarding a query; and

Data from third parties – although we generally only collect personal information from you directly, we may be provided with information from third parties. For example, third parties who we engage to run promotional activities, third parties who we may acquire and information we may require when we consider business customer credit applications

Use and disclosure of personal information

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd. may collect and use your personal information for some or all of the following purposes (not all of which will be relevant for every individual):

Marketing our services and products to you through emails, newsletters, promotions etc. where you have opted-in to receive marketing updates or you have agreed to be included in our promotional activities. We may use your personal information in this regard in the following ways:

General marketing communications – to send you communications by post, text message or email; and

Targeted advertising – this may include where we match information you have provided with similar information on third party sites (data-matching).

Managing your account(s) with us –to maintain your account(s) with us, including maintaining any loyalty rewards that you may be entitled to;

Monitoring, developing and improving our services and products – to improve our services and products, tailor them to your needs, come up with new services and product ideas and inform you of any changes to our services and products;

Order fulfilment – this may include using your details to keep you informed of the general status of any orders you have placed with us;

Consumer/customer service –to provide you with customer service, including responses to your inquiries, complaints and general feedback about our services and products;

Website improvement and personalisation – to improve and personalise your experience on our websites and applications;

Website community features – to give you access to website community features including features that may allow you to upload and share pictures, videos or other messages or content; and

Other general purposes – for other general business purposes such as to maintain the day-to-day operation and security of our websites and applications and to conduct internal marketing and demographic studies and to contact you for consumer research.

We may disclose personal information to third party suppliers that we use in the course of providing our services and products, our related bodies corporate and our advisors. We may also disclose personal information to government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by law. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that any third party to whom we disclose personal information are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information. Please note that third parties may also collect personal information directly from you.

We may disclose your personal information to our related bodies corporate if it is necessary for one of the purposes for which the information has been disclosed to us. Apart from this, your personal information is never shared, sold, rented or otherwise disclosed except if required by law or with your consent. At any time, you may opt-out of receiving any communications from us (other than as required for the operation of our business e.g. regarding payment of accounts). See below for our contact details.


We will take reasonable steps to ensure any personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You should inform us promptly if there are any changes to any of your personal or company information. We will take reasonable steps to:

  • protect the personal information we hold from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure; and
  • destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for any purpose for which the information may be used or disclosed under this policy (unless we are required by law to keep it).

Access, accuracy and correction

You have a right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you at any time. If your personal information changes, if you have a concern about how we are handling your personal information or if you no longer require our services, we will endeavour to provide a way to correct, update or remove the personal data you have provided to us. You may also request us to amend your personal information where you believe it is out-dated.


Where it is practical and legal to do so, we will generally provide you with the ability to interact with us anonymously.

Sensitive information

We will not collect, use or disclose sensitive information (such as information about racial or ethnic origins or political or religious beliefs) except with your specific consent or in the circumstances permitted in the Privacy Act.

Clickstream Data

Each time you visit our web site(s) our server collects some anonymous information, known as clickstream data, including the type of browser and system you are using; the address of the site you have come from and move to after your visit; the date and time of your visit; and your server’s IP address. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions may collect this information for statistical purposes to find out how our web site(s) are used and navigated, including the number of hits, the frequency and duration of visits, most popular session times. We may use this information to evaluate and improve our web site performance.


A Cookie is a piece of information that our web server may send to your machine when you visit our web site(s). The Cookie is stored on your machine, but does not identify you or give us any information about your computer. A Cookie helps us to recognise you when you re-visit our web site(s) and to coordinate your access to different pages on our web site(s). With most Internet Browsers, you can erase Cookies from your computer hard drive, block all Cookies, or receive a warning before a Cookie is stored. If you want to do this, refer to your Browser instructions or help screen to learn more.

Links to other sites

Websites operated by us may contain links to other sites operated by third parties. We make no representations or warranties as to the privacy practices of any third-party site and are not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites. We advise that you check the privacy policies on those sites.

Future changes to this policy

We may change this policy from time to time and will notify you by posting an updated version of this policy on this website. This document represents our policy as at 9th November 2021.

Contacting us, complaints and further information

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, or any complaint or concern regarding your privacy information held by us, please contact us as follows: Email:  Telephone: 07 5499 2406

WHS Policy

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers (including contractors and volunteers) as well as clients, visitors and members of the public. Hazards and risks to health and safety will be eliminated or minimised, as far as is reasonably practicable.

The responsibility for managing health and safety ultimately rests with the person in control of the business or undertaking (PCBU), directors and management. Workers also have important responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.

We are committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

Management will:
• Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety
• Eliminate or minimise all workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable
• Provide information, instruction and training to enable all workers to work safely
• Supervise workers to ensure work activities are performed safely
• Consult with and involve workers on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing
• Provide appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment
• Provide a suitable injury management and return to work program

Workers will:
• Take reasonable care for their own health and safety
• Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules
• Participate in safety training
• Report health and safety hazards
• Report all injuries and incidents
• Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment as instructedOur goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This will only be achieved through the participation, co-operation and commitment of everyone in the workplace.

Name: Sebnem Bulan-Worth Position: Director
Signature: Date: 09/11/2021
Review date: 09/11/2021

Work Health and Wellbeing Policy

1. Policy statement

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd will ensure that all work organisation and practices, the work environment and workplace culture will value, enhance and protect the health and wellbeing of all workers.

2. Scope

This work health and wellbeing policy outlines how WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd will support the health and wellbeing of all our workers. The policy is applicable to all WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd workers and aligns with health and safety policies and guidelines.

3. Goals and objectives

This work health and wellbeing policy provides the foundation for developing interventions and modifying work organisation, work practices and procedures, and the work environment to support the health and wellbeing of all workers. WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd will enhance its work health and wellbeing by:

 creating a healthy culture
 creating and supporting a work health and wellbeing strategy
 establishing and supporting a work health and wellbeing working group or committee
 modifying the work organisation and the work environment
 managing risks to workers physical and mental health
 consulting with workers
 supporting worker participation in work health and wellbeing interventions
 supporting workers to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

4. Responsibilities

Senior management team/management team

The WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd senior management will do all they can to enhance the work health and wellbeing of workers by:

 ensuring the health of workers is valued
 act as a role model
 providing work environments and systems that prevent or minimise the modifiable chronic disease risk in the workplace
 providing opportunity for workers to participate in work health and wellbeing
 contributing ideas and expertise to the work of the health and wellbeing committee or representatives.

Human resources department

The WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd human resources department will do all it can to enhance the work health and wellbeing of workers by:

 ensuring that the health of workers is valued
 ensuring the design of work, work systems and work environment prevent or minimise the modifiable chronic disease risk in the workplace and promote work health and wellbeing
 ensuring workers can participate in health and wellbeing
 reviewing, revising and developing human resources policies that support workplace health and wellbeing in consultation with the work health and wellbeing committee or representatives.


WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd workers will:

 work within any procedures and policies implemented to address work health and wellbeing
 contribute ideas
 actively participate in work health and wellbeing.

5. Work health and wellbeing strategy

A work health and wellbeing action plan will identify WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd.’s goals, objectives and interventions. The work health and wellbeing committee or representatives will review the action plan annually.

6. Policy review

The work health and wellbeing committee or representatives in conjunction with management and human resources will review the policy annually.


This Environmental Sustainability Policy formalises our commitment to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and recognises that a sustainable environment is central to our lives and our work.

The aim of our Environmental Sustainability Policy is to:

 implement environmental actions within the company
 monitor the environmental actions and improvements internally
 communicate environmental initiatives internally and externally.


This policy and associated procedures apply to all directors, staff and contractors working for the company.


WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd respects our relationship with the natural environment and its ecosystems. We acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose and take actions to prevent degradation of those natural systems.

WHS and Training Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd commits to the following principles and practices:

 Monitoring and managing our environmental performance and working towards targets set to reduce adverse impacts.

 Complying with relevant Australian Commonwealth, State and Local environmental policy, practices, regulations and legislation, and industry-specific legislation.

 Reducing the consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.

 Maximising the recycling of resources.

 Disposing of waste appropriately, including e-waste at designated e-waste centres.

 Committing to the principles of preventing pollution to the environment and continual improvement.

 Minimising pollution by taking steps to limit carbon emissions resulting from vehicle and air travel.

Where possible, encouraging suppliers to meet high standards of environmental performance.