Tips for Reducing Effects of Workplace Bullying and Harassment

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  • 4% of Australian workers indicated that they had experienced workplace bullying in the previous 6 months
  • 37% of Australian workers reported being sworn or yelled at in their workplace
  • $22,600 median cost for accepted bullying and/or harassment claims
  • Cost of presenteeism and absenteeism is estimated to be approximately $6.3 billion per annum
  • Workers with low engagement have approximately 12% more sick days per month, costing employers $4796 per annum per employee
  • Workers with psychological distress took four times as many sick days per month and had a 154% higher performance loss at work.

There is hardly anyone in this world that has not gone through some sort of workplace bullying in their lifetime. Bullying and Harassment is one of the most common confrontations that all of us have encountered to a less or more degree since our childhood, be it with our neighbors, friends, unknown people, at school and colleges, and most commonly at workplaces.

Bullying can be either in the form of mental or physical harassment to lower victims’ self-esteem or casting dominance. Age, gender, disability, social and financial status are some of the factors which can be targeted by the people taking unfair advantage in the form of bullying.

Impacts of bullying and harassment on the workforce

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Reduced morale.
  • Reduced motivation.
  • Low productivity.
  • Increased staff turnover.
  • Various health problems.
  • Increased absenteeism and/or presenteeism.
  • Damaged stakeholder relationships (such as customers, contractors).
  • A tense and apprehensive working environment.

Some individuals may remain to be silent and fear the consequences of reporting this, whereas some are bold enough to report and complain, taking the help from various organisations (Unions, State/Federal Government Departments, Fairwork), may claim compensation.

We are offering  workplace bullying and harassment online training for managers and employees.

Our online training will support your organisation by educating your employees:

  • To understand bullying and harassment.
  • how to stand up and speak.
  • what are their rights and legislations.
  • how and to whom to report this and tackle this situation.

Our online training will support your organisation by educating your managers

  • How to investigate.
  • How to provide a safe environment to all workers.
  • How to apply risk assessment process.
  • Understand their roles, and manage claims.

Facing unstable situations in the workplace is a terrible situation that one can come across. It is a criminal act, and is against the Australian Laws. This is why this topic has become very important for every organisation to consider seriously.

Below is the suggested approach that an organisation can take:

  • Build awareness among employees.
  • Conduct research through surveys and consultations.
  • Hold training and workshops.
  • Communicate company rules and policies.
  • Online training for their employees on the impact of bullying and Harassment.

More information about online training in workplace bullying and harassment for your employees and managers check our website. Do you want to develop customised online training, contact WHS and Training Compliance Solutions. We are servicing across Australia. We can develop WHS and other course materials to international customers across the world.

Contact WHS and Training Compliance Solutions.


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