• Veterans Care Association

    August, 2019

    Veterans Care Association

    Couple of weeks of ago, I have trained Veterans Care Association’s client support officers. During the mental health first aid training, they have shared with me some information on what they do and how their programs support our returning veterans and their families.  I thought I should share this valuable information with you.

    TA Brochure – Edit as at 21 Mar 17 

    Veterans Care Association

    Veterans Care Association was set up to support returning veterans and their families to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other challenges in returning to civilian life. Veterans Care Association gives practical, direct support to our wounded, injured and sick…

    The association  act as a central hub for Veterans, bringing together traditional medical practitioners, complimentary/holistic practitioners, therapists, counsellors and  supports veterans journey to good health and vitality.

    This is veteran care’ s   vision to raise the level of Holistic Health and Well-being in the Wider Veteran Community, this is how the Timor Awakening Program was born.

    Timor  Awakening Program

    Timor Awakening (TA) is a program of renewal and rehabilitation for Australian and Timorese Veterans founded in 2016. Key elements of the program include: holistic health education, personal & group engagement, pastoral care, mentoring, historical commemoration and more, centred around an 11-day immersion experience in Timor-Leste.  To date over 130 Australian Veterans and hundreds of Timorese Veterans have taken part in Timor Awakening.

    In a country born out of trauma, hope and resilience, the peaceful, spiritual and breathtaking Timor-Leste provides a backdrop for healing and renewal. The multitude of activities creates a bonded group that will remain connected through each other’s journey of healing and growth. The overarching theme of hope, forgiveness and purpose is a feature through dozens of activities. Despite a troubled and traumatic past, the Timor Awakening experience is testament to veterans that there is hope, and with purpose and support, a positive and healthy future is possible.  https://www.timorawakening.com/

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