mental health awareness

Learn how to effectively address common mental health emergencies with Mental Health First Aid. Protect your loved ones with expert care.

Four Common Mental Health Emergencies You Should Know About

Mental health emergencies are situations where an individual’s psychological state requires immediate attention and intervention. As mental health awareness continues to grow, understanding and addressing these emergencies is essential for the well-being of those affected. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)…

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Learn five things you shouldn’t say to someone dealing with depression. “Things could have been worse”, “You only think about yourself”.

What NOT to Say to Someone with Depression

The conversation on mental health is necessary, but it needs to be approached with the utmost care to bring comfort to affected individuals and avoid contributing to the stigma. Here are five things you shouldn’t say to someone dealing with…

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Anxiety is more pervasive than fear because it is irrational & imprecise. Can occur at any given time or place without a particular trigger.

What Anxiety Typically Looks Like ?

The best way to define anxiety is to compare it to fear. While fear is your knee-jerk reaction to real danger or immediate stressors, anxiety is your feelings of apprehension towards an imagined threat and it’s often coupled with physiological…

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Discover effective strategies to empower and support young people in coping with disasters. Help them develop resilience.

6 Ways to Help Young People Cope with Disasters

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can have a profound impact on young people, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain about their future. However, with the right support and strategies, young people can develop the resilience and coping mechanisms needed…

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Individuals experiencing anxiety may exhibit signs and symptoms of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. 

How to Deal with Anxiety and Youth Mental Health

Anxiety disorders are mental illness characterised by excessive worry and irrational fears. These feelings are typically accompanied by panic attacks and avoidant behaviours that may disrupt the individual’s relationships, education and occupational functioning. It is disabling and much like other…

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